Why I find myself rooting for G+


A lot has been written about features of G+ and how it takes the best of Twitter and FB so I won’t go in to all that. What I am really hoping from G+ is a material respect for privacy, something that I find grossly lacking in FB. I have hardly posted on FB but every time I learn about it more I find this constant pressure to give up your data to FB so that you as a consumer are a lot more valuable to marketers. This tension has always existed in all forms of media but FB makes me very uncomfortable with the way they approach this.

At Canvera we are very big users of Google Apps and even though email content is used to surface ads, I feel that Google does not cross the line and respects that the data belongs to Canvera or the individuals.

Google has not been perfect. For example, as much as I have used the street view myself to scope out places I visit, I find it makes me uncomfortable. But more often than not I feel Google gets it right. I feel LinkedIn (mostly) gets it right.

My hope for G+ is that Google will “do no evil” with it and will find the balance between becoming an important media property while respecting privacy. That’s why I find myself rooting for G+.


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