Switching to an iPhone from a Blackberry


A little more than a month ago I switched to an iPhone after being a long time user of  Blackberry. In the Blackberry I was missing out on a true mobile web experience (it just doen’t exist) and as 3G got rolled out and the iPhones became more and more powerful, I could not resist any more. My biggest hesitation came from the fact that I am on the road quite a bit and email on the phone is very important for me. I was very worried about giving up a physical keyboard. Now that I have made the switch here is the good, bad & ugly.

The Good

  1. There is no question that the mobile web experience is awesome. In fact I don’t open up my laptop that often now unless I need to work on some documents.
  2. iTunes is huge for me: I am a big iTunes user and now having all my music with me all the time is fantastic. I can buy music & TV Shows on the road and with iCloud all that is available on my computer automatically.
  3. The phone is simply sexy! The manufacturing finesse, the software finesse are just something to be admired. Dual 8MP cameras, video, retina display … I can go on.
  4. I really like the ScannerPro app ($6.99) that has essentially replaced an $80 flatbed scanner for scanning documents and made the workflow for scanning so simple
  5. I love using the map to find latitude/longitude information of places I visit and that makes finding the place again so much more simple (I am prototyping this on the phone)
  6. Time pass Angry Birds 🙂
The Bad
  1. Battery life is a major issue. Since the mobile web is such a key part of the experience I am constantly worried about running out of battery. I have somewhat fixed the problem by getting a Dexim power case, but now I have to carry this additional accessory around. I can live with that.
  2. Time waste Angry Birds 😐
The Ugly
  1. My worst fear about the switch came true. Typing has become a royal pain in the you-know-what and although I had assurances from other users,  I don’t think they are power email users on the phone like me. This is made worse as while traveling I am in the car a lot and uneven roads exacerbates the problem. Cut/paste, search/replace are painful. I have finally just resigned to living with typos and I no longer type long emails on the phone as I would do on my blackberry.
  2. Addictive Angry Birds 😦
I have not yet used an Android device (iTunes tipped the balance for me in favor of an iPhone) and I’d love someday to make a proper comparison with one. I’d welcome if someone who has used both can share their experience in the comments.

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